EIS has the resources and experience necessary to investigate any issue involving domestic/family matters, partner infidelity or any other personal matter where our clients would be best served by professional investigative methods.

Below are some of the professional investigative service available to private citizens.


  • Partner / Spouse Infidelity Investigation

  • Surveillance 

  • Counter-Surveillance

  • GPS Tracking

  • Mobile Phone Number Searches

  • Asset Searches

  • Offshore Bank Asset Search

  • Email Tracing - Find out exactly where an email was sent from or owner of email address

  • Missing Persons

  • Background checks

  • Process Serving

  • Criminal Record Searches

  • Electronic Bug Sweeps

  • Mobile Phone Forensics

  • Computer Forensics

  • Skip Tracing

  • Activity checks on family members

  • Nanny/Childcare Investigations

  • Matrimonial/Partner Investigation

  • Child Custody & Access Issues to prove parenting ability, or lack of

  • Polygraph Testing (Lie Detector)